Custom Process and Machine Design

We begin with communication

Custom Process and Machine Design

Whether we are starting from scratch or drawing upon our portfolio of manufactured equipment, we begin with communication—insuring we understand your need and that, working closely with you, we collaborate to fashion precisely the solution you are looking for. At KOALD, we ensure communication at every step of the process, to make certain the agreement on process and outcome continues.

If your need can be met with existing technology at reasonable cost both in terms of the price, the installation and operation, we engineer the process and assist in purchasing. If the total solution will be improved by the creation of custom equipment, we work with you to bring to life an entirely new technology to meet your specific efficiency and productivity needs.

Whether we employ existing machine technologies or create custom solutions, KOALD ensures perfect performance of the system before it hits your floor. Our biggest satisfaction at KOALD is knowing that you are happy, and maybe a little amazed, when you push the button.